Learn the art of moving in your body with ease using yoga asana (poses), mindful meditation, and breathing practices at this Southeast Portland Yoga Studio. Small classes, beginner friendly, and a low-key atmosphere. Enjoy your practice!


Portland Therapeutic Yoga is a yoga Studio & School.  Our yoga practice is based on functional body movement - learning to move with mindfulness and intention.

We offer supportive, therapeutic
group classes in Series,
private yoga, special Workshops,
and Teacher Training.

All our services share a common goal: to identify and lessen the tension, gripping and bracing that create unhealthy movement habits that contribute to diminished stamina, injuries or even pain.  Addressing these issues opens the pathway to improved well being - physically and mentally.


Our yoga practice respects your starting point - from limited mobility due to health issues or injury, to students seeking greater ease, flexibility, and concentration in their every day activities.


Ease. Mobility. Stability. Strength. Portland Therapeutic Yoga. 
Come Join Us in our Southeast Portland yoga studio.

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Pain Care using Yoga
Continuing Education Certificate

First Ever Portland Workshop with Neil Pearson

Neil Pearson PT, MSc, BA-BPHE, CYT, ERYT500 Neil is based in Canada and teachers internationally.

Neil Pearson
Neil is based in Canada and teachers internationally.

The 50 hour Pain Care Yoga Certificate provides an understanding of pain, chronic pain and the lived experience of pain sufficient for health care professionals intending to integrate yoga into their clinical practice, and for yoga teachers and therapists who wish to bring a greater understanding of pain and pain care into their teaching.

Workshop Schedule:
Dec. 4-6, 2015 (21 Hours)
Mar. 11-13, 2015 (21 Hours)

plus 7 hours self study. 
May apply either session to CU credits independently of satisfying the full Certificate.

New For 2016
Six Month Yoga Immersion!

You've penciled in time for Yoga on the calendar, cleared space for your mat in the front room, put on stretchy pants..... now what?

Funny because it is so true; such a shared experience among students. It is hard to remember what poses were practiced in your last class let alone know why they were done in the order practiced.

Immerse yourself. From Asana to Philosophy, Biomechanics to the Art of Sequencing ~ this 6 month ongoing exploration of yoga will give you the insight and confidence to go to your mat daily for your own personal practice.