Learn the art of moving in your body with ease using yoga asana (poses), mindful meditation, and breathing practices at this Southeast Portland Yoga Studio. Small classes, beginner friendly, and a low-key atmosphere. Enjoy your practice!


Portland Therapeutic Yoga is a yoga Studio & School dedicated to teaching functional body movement.

We offer supportive group classes in Series,
private yoga,
special Workshops, and RYT200 Teacher Training.


All our services share a common goal: to identify and lessen the tension, gripping and bracing that creates unhealthy habits, diminished stamina, and pain.


Our yoga practice
respects your starting point - from limited mobility due to health issues or injury, to students seeking greater ease, flexibility, concentration in their every day activities.


Ease. Mobility. Stability. Strength.
Portland Therapeutic Yoga. 
Come Join Us in our Southeast Portland yoga studio.

Welcome - I hope you enjoy your yoga practice, the studio, and learning the art of functional movement.                 - Maureen Maclise, founder PTY         

TRE™ Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

An Introductory
3-Week Series
Jessica Schaffer
Certified TRE™ Practitioner

Fridays: Nov. 7th, 14th, & 21st
Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
$75 for the 3-session workshop.
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Susi Hately
Weekend Workshop
Sacroiliac Joints and Shoulders

 February 28th & March 1
for Yoga Teachers & Teacher Trainees*
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Quick Notes

Classes with
drop in availability

Sun 10a Back Care
Mon 9:30a Gentle
Tue 6:30p Yoga Nidra
Wed 9:30a  Gentle
Thur 12:30p Flow
Thur 6:30p Gentle
Fri 11a Gentle
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Our Late Fall Term
Opens Oct. 18th

Experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice in a six week Series Class.

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Pelvic Floor
Yoga Teachers

Workshop with 

Jill Ghormley ND, MAMS

November 9, 12-3pm

Tuition: $35, 3 CEUs

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